Those of you who are return visitors may well remember that the page content of this site was pretty much a mixture of personal news updates and vacation photos with a generous mixture of all things Star Wars and other oddities gathered from the Nerdispere, with a heavy concentration of all things Comic-Con. I hope to add photo galleries from past San Diego Comic-Cons and have email capabilities as well as giving visitors to the site the opportunity to reply to my posts, as long as we all remain kind and respectful. Our digital and print publication, The Bock Review, will have regular features, many of which are concerned with Comic-Con San Diego. Thanks again for stopping by, hopefully next time I will actually have some new content up! Please, don't forget to check for our print and digital publication, The Bock Review, available from print on demand publisher,

site philosophy & content

site philosophy

      Welcome to the resurrection of, "Rants From The Outer Rim," which is now the associated site for online content of The Bock Review.  I've been off-line for several years (one of those fascist rat bastard companies had my domain name parked for two years trying to get me to pay a couple thousand dollars to get my own domain name back!) At any rate, I now am in control of my own domain once again! I am slowly building this from the ground up, so please bear with me... it could take a while to get the site to where I want it... please check back again soon.