We are a small operation, staffed and managed by creative, multi-talented individuals who have been looking for a creative outlet for some of our fan boy/girl perspectives and adventures. We enjoy a high nerd quotient, representing a wide variety of interests and disciplines which we are hoping to share with our friends and families, and hopefully, a few thousand total strangers. Think, Huell Howser combined with Will Eisner, Ray Bradbury, a splash of Ansel Adams, and above all else, a generous sprinkling of Forest Ackerman, and you’ll have an idea of who we are as a group. We are not CNN and we are not trying to be an outlet for celebrity gossip or political attacks.

      As Editor In Chief, my vision is for a fun magazine that appeals to a wide variety of folks. There will be regular features, such as our pop culture conventions coverage, focusing mostly on Comic-Con International held each summer in San Diego, California. I would like to share stories and photos of past Cons as well as tips and suggestions for those of you have never attended a comic convention but are contemplating taking the plunge. I have been attending the San Diego Comic-Con for nearly 30 years and have watched it grow, change shape and direction and increase in size and scope. Every one of our staff is a seasoned con attendee, and collectively, we have participated in pretty much every aspect of the convention experience possible.

      I am also planning to make our pictorial feature called “Sacred Spaces” a permanent component in which we will be introducing our readers to special places that have a deep and abiding spiritual connection not just to our staff but to many of our readers as well. Keep an eye out for lots of historic and intriguing places.

      Another regular feature will be a focus on an interesting artist or musician or writer or puppeteer or… well, you get the idea. You’ll find these artists and their stories under the heading, “Shadow & Form.”

     As I’ve already mentioned, we are a small operation. We hope to interject a slightly “homey” ambiance into our pages and will be sharing personal travel and life adventure pieces.  You might find a little bit of literature and sports in between our covers as well.

     Every member of our staff volunteers their time and artistic efforts to produce The Bock Review. Each of us, like the superheroes we love so much, lead double lives with real world careers, not related to producing a magazine. I work for the Department of Public Social Services; my sister and Assistant Editor, Lyne Bock, works for our county library system. Ben Markley, Manly Arts Editor, has a very busy career as Chief Technology Officer for a non-profit public institution and Jeanne Ellis, Photo Editor, has a rewarding career in drug rehabilitation treatment. Our husband and wife team, Steven and Maria Bravo both work to make the world a better place through their careers with public welfare and community outreach programs. We all share a common background in fine arts, photography, journalism and a desire to make the world a better place…not to mention our shared nerd perspective.     

     The Bock Review is a labor of love and is an exercise in sharing our light with our fellow travelers through time and space. To that end, please note that the price you paid for The Bock Review is the exact cost of producing your copy of the magazine. There is no markup and nobody on staff makes a single cent off of sales. This is a “print on demand” publication. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, The Bock Review is available in three different formats, Print, Digital & PDF. Once this site is complete, you should be able to click a hyperlink and go directly to the publishing site. Until then, you can to www.blurb.com and, search for us there, we are listed under "Arts & Photography."


Thank you, and, May The Force Be With You Always!


Editor In Chief

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