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         Our Editor of Manly Arts, Ben Markely, has compiled an interesting look at San Diego Comic-Con International's attendance trends from its humble beginnings to the Mega Event that it has morphed into, covering a span of 50 years.

     The photo that accompanies the article in the current issue of The Bock Review is of a very small portion of the line for the infamous Hall H from a few few years ago. If you've ever attended The Con, these numbers will really make sense!

     A few months ago, on May 15, 2019, we lost one of our own, Timothy Alan Ketterer. Tim and his wonderful wife of many years, Anjie, are longtime San Diego Comic-Con attendees and friends of nearly all the staff of The Bock Review. Tim and Anjie were fixtures at SDCC and had formed bonds and friendships with people at all levels of the comics world and were always a pleasure to run into at The Con. Anjie, We love you!

      We hope you check out our tribute to Tim in the most recent issue of The Bock Review.

     Thanks for checking back in with us! As you can see, we finally have some new content up as well as a new issue of The Bock Review for your viewing pleasure. As always, we appreciate  your purchasing copies of both current and past issues, but for those of you unable to, we have made a fully readable preview version available on our publisher's website. Just click one of the "Order your copy of the Bock Review here" buttons to be taken to the publisher's site and the most recent issue, where you can either purchase a copy or merely read through the preview.

     This is a very special issue as we remember a great American, a veteran of the U.S. Navy, a loving husband, father and experienced Comic-Con attendee, Tim Ketterer. Please take a look and pay your respects to this fine man.

    Our usual features are all here as well as some useful Comic-Con articles for your enjoyment and enrichment.

     Please let us know how we are doing and what you would enjoy seeing between our covers!


               Keep watching the skies!

         Here at The Bock Review, we take a lot of pride in the unique and talented artists we feature in our Artist Spotlight features. This issue's offering brings you the amazing, the fiercely talented, and multi-disciplined fine artist, Christopher Clark. 

     Christopher is connected with the entertainment industry as an official artist of both Lucas Films as well as Marvel Fine Art. Our article features both original Bock Review photographs of the artist as well as an assortment of images of his work presented in our pages with the kind permission of the artist. If for no other reason, please check out this issue to familiarize yourself with this hugely talented artist, you won't be disappointed.

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In Memoriam


         Once again The Bock Review brings you a Sacred Space you might have visited on a fourth grade field trip, the Mission Basilica San Diego De Alcala, situated in, where else? Beautiful San Diego, California.

     This beautiful and peaceful place of lush gardens and quiet contemplation, has not always been so tranquil. This was a place of turmoil and violence during the controversial Mission Period of Spanish colonization of Alta California.

     Join us as we take a brief look at the Mission as it continues to serve thousands of California parishioners and search for it's role in a modern world and more enlightened world, while coming to terms with it its violent beginnings.